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Absolutely Yes! The media sticks on well, you can easily lower and lift your window with your Holey Sign applied.

Because of our 50/50 media, you can see from inside out the Holey Sign.

Yes! It lasts through extreme winds, snow, and most outdoor elements.

Our one of a kind template allows for exact size of numbers for visibility and distance for everyone, every time.

The Holey Sign is measured at 14" wide by 12" tall allowing to be seen and read from 30 - 50 feet away. 

VERY IMPORTANT - Apply either in the late morning or early evening. Really hot days, windy and cold/high moisture can cause for decal failing when applying.

• Clean window

• Remove backing

• Hold your Holey Sign from the left and right sides and hover over the desired area and align. One you like placement, move your hand slowly together allowing the decal to touch the surface.

• Then either smooth on with your hand or with your Holey Sign Squeegee.

Holey Sign will remove very easy however may rip in cold weather and stretch in very hot weather.

Your Holey Sign will last for months if applied and maintained properly.

With the old traditional taped-on FOR SALE sign, you had to remove your sign or else it would get damaged or ripped. Using your Holey Sign, you can feel at ease knowing that its designed to withstand the roughness of a car wash.

Holey Sign suggests that you check with your state laws, as each state has their own rules and regulations for vehicle window dressings. Holey Sign is not responsible for citations or any kind of accident.

Even though the Holey Sign was designed to be applied to windows and glass, we can't stop you from being creative. Some of our customers have applied the Holey Sign to the body of their vehicle, just remember that could lead to auto paint damage if left on for a extended period.