About Us

I've sold over 20 vehicles since the early 90's.

So I get it... selling a car is an annoying task!

Like you, I always used paper For Sale signs,

And as you know, that comes with multiple issues.

The biggest problem is the dreary Blind Spot!

No matter the location of the sign, it interferes with your vision. Which means you can't drive around with the For Sale sign attached.

And because it's not on your car 24/7, only your next door neighbor and work colleagues will really see it.


After just a short period of time, the For Sale sign starts to look beat up due to outdoor elements and the tape gets ugly, torn and weathered.

Ugh! There had to be a better way...

That’s when I discovered a see-thru material that would be the ideal solution to help sellers like you and me advertise our vehicle 24/7.

Holey Sign decals are a game changer!

Place it on your back window, windshield or door windows. The signs always look premium while driving around town... safely!

"I used the Holey Sign for sale decals and I was very impressed with the product and even better news, I sold my car in 3 days." ~ Jose Barrera

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Proudly created and printed in the USA.

 ~ Holey Sign Team