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Holey Sign

For Sale Your Number - Text / Call - 2 Pac

For Sale Your Number - Text / Call - 2 Pac

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We print and ship within 48hrs of your order. *Watermark dot pattern will NOT be printed on shipped product.


SIZE: 14" X 12": All of our products are designed and printed here in Los Angeles, CA. Unlike other companies, who seem to use the same manufacturer outside the United States which result in poor materials, adhesive and print life. SUPPORT AMERICA and buy a Holey Sign today! You are looking at a digital version of the actual product for visual presentation.


The "For Sale" Signs are a smart way to promote your vehicle for sale and safety around you. Use the numbered template to trace your info large and clear, allowing for EASY distance reading. As motorist, road SAFETY for you and everyone around you is paramount. Let other drivers know that your vehicle is "For Sale", while running everyday errands or just parked outside your home or place of work. Passengers, pedestrians and other motorists can all benefit from this sticker, which is an effective MARKETING TOOL that can be used in a wide range of situations where you want to alert others around you to the presence of your "For Sale" vehicle.


Our "For Sale" decals and various designs use BRIGHT COLORS making them highly visible and are even SEE-THRU from the inside of the car making reversing, parking, changing lanes, etc. SAFE and easy. This is possible because we use TOP RATED commercial vinyl that is engineered with perforated holes allowing 50% light to shine through and 50% vinyl surface which holds our vibrant print.


EASY TO APPLY: This "For Sale" decal is easy to apply and easy maintenance ensures for long-lasting, effective results. Peel off the adhesive backing and apply it firmly, then simply drive away knowing you’re doing all you can to keep the road safe. The "For Sale" stickers are waterproof, UV resistant and engineered to last so you can stick it on the exterior of your car. Unlike other signs with suction cups that fall off and are hard to see with TINTED WINDOWS and magnetic signs that can damage your car's paint. Our decals will remain in place because of the strong adhesive and can withstand all weather conditions without damage to your glass. Our"For Sale"signs are guaranteed to stay on! For detailed INSTRUCTIONS please visit our HOW TO section for a quick and easy step by step process.

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Hand & Machine Car Wash Proof

Wow, you mean I can go through a car wash with my Holey Sign on? YES! Drive right through a machine car wash or hand wash, your safe! Even stays on with the high power air dryers. tyle, or even provide a review.

Dirt & Debris Proof

When selling your vehicle, keeping your car clean at all times is a plus but not an easy task. Feel rest assured that even if your Holey Sign gets dirty, your decal will not fail. Just wash and your sign will shine.

Rain & Extreme Weather Proof

With the old style For Sale sign, you would have to take it off in bad weather. Not the case with your Holey Sign, when applied properly it will last through even the harshest of conditions.

Wind & UV Proof

Place your decal on the side windows or back window, no problem. Holey Sign withstands any high gusts of wind and blazing sun rays you encounter.

Snow & Cold Weather Proof

Extreme weather is never fun however you can feel warm inside knowing that your Holey Sign decal withstands snow and extreme cold weather.